Champion Developmental Seminar

Monday, July 18, 2022
8:00 am – 4:00 pm
New Ulm Civic Center

Chris Conte
Chris ContePole Harness Specialist and Jump Technician
Chris has served as a team coach and consultant to four different World and Olympic coaches.
Kim Ryan Lewis
Kim Ryan LewisSpin Specialist
Kim is an acclaimed spin specialist and has been coaching for more than 40 years.
Sheila Thelen
Sheila ThelenRotational and Spin Specialist
Sheila is the Creator of Champion Cords and Champion Skating Harness.


8:00-8:45        Video Analysis 1
8:50-9:40        Group 1 On Ice (K), Group 2 On ice (C), Group 3 off ice (S)
9:45-10:35      Group 1 Off Ice (S), Group 2 On Ice (K), Group 3 On Ice (C)
10:40-11:30    Group 1 On Ice (C), Group 2 Off Ice (S), Group 3 On Ice (K)
11:30-12:25    Lunch!
12:25-1:10      Video Analysis 2 & GROUP PHOTO!
1:15-2:00        Group 1 On Ice (S), Group 2 On ice (C), Group 3 off Ice (K)
2:05-2:50        Group 1 off Ice (K), Group 2 On Ice (S), Group 3 On Ice (C)
2:55-3:40        Group 1 On Ice (C), Group 2 off Ice (K), Group 3 On Ice (S)
3:45-4:10        Parents Meeting with Staff/Skaters Clean up-pack up

Morning topics:
Classroom: Learning jump analysis, skater technique development
Sheila: Champion Skating Harness – off ice harness – rotation specifics in action
Chris: Jump Drills & proper development
Kim: Spin entries & spin basics/specifics
LUNCH: Healthy food

Afternoon topics:
Sheila: Champion Cords – jumps & spins with Cords.  Feeling proper technique
Chris: Jump take off specifics & jump development
Kim: IJS Spin requirements & improved positions – with KimSpinergy Boards

Parents Chat: Parents are HIGHLY encouraged to attend.

Minimum skater skill requirements:
Beginning backspin
Waltz jump

Registration Cost: $135

Supplies (can be prepurchased or purchased at the seminar)
$30 – Spinergy Spin Board
$20 Champion Cords

Registration is free for coaches with 3 or more skaters attending.
Coaches planning to attend should email nufsclub@gmail.com with their name, name of the club they are representing, and the names of the skaters they are bringing. If the coach is bringing less than 3 skaters, there will be the same registration charge as for a skater.