NUFSC occasionally has fundraisers to help support our nonprofit and to support our skaters.

RaiseRight (formerly Scrip) – Shop Gift Cards and Start Earning Credit
Split is 75% to the skater’s account and 25% to the club
Enrollment Code 7879BCA433822

With 750+ brands to choose from, there is a brand for every household need or wish list. Plus, you can pick from eGift cards, physical gift cards, and reloading funds digitally onto existing physical gift cards. It’s instant earning with every purchase. Gift cards from RaiseRight have no activation fees and they never expire.

When you order physical gift cards, you can have them sent to our coordinator to distribute to you. Or, participants can choose the ship to home option to have their gift cards sent right to their home address for a small fee.

Gift cards can be purchased with a credit card (fees apply), through direct bank payment (small fee applies), or by check to the organization. Credit cards and direct bank payments will purchase gift cards immediately, Checks will need to be deposited before the order is finalized.

Use your physical gift cards in-store or online, or access your eGift cards right from your online account. Stored in your Wallet, you can easily view, use, and organize to quickly find the ones you use most. Our mobile app makes it easy to access and use your eGift cards anytime, anywhere. You can purchase gift cards while you are waiting in line to pay.

You can also track your gift card balance for reloadable gift cards and eGift cards right in your online Wallet.