Group lessons are available 3 times a year. We offer a 6 week Spring Saturday morning session, Summer Thursday evening session, and Fall Saturday morning session.

Group Lesson Covid Information

Due to the lack of skate rental and no way of social distancing, there will be no beginner lessons offered this Fall. We plan to offer these in January during ice show practice so that beginners can still participate in the ice show. Please keep in mind no skate rental is available at the Civic Center.

Parents are not able to come into the rink for group lessons, please tie your skaters skates outside, in the car, or at home. No spectators are allowed for group lessons or private ice practice due to our guidelines. A rink parent will be present during group lessons on Saturday mornings to help tie the skater’s skates and watch over the skaters if they need anything. Thank you for understanding!

Due to our limit of 25 per pod on the full ice surface, Production team will be limited to 23 skaters first come first serve. Adults will not be permitted at this time. If enough spots are open towards the end of registration, we will open it up to adults.

Volunteer Requirement for Club Members:

All skaters (except for hockey skills skaters) must also purchase the ISI membership for $15 per year (and renew in August). Skaters Alpha and above must also be Club members. Club memberships are available through our website on the shop or membership page. ISI memberships MUST be purchased directly from the ISI website at

Class Schedule:

Group Lessons – 6 weeks, $60 per class

MUST participate in your fall group lesson level class (Pre-Alpha-FS4) in order to be in the ice show as always. For extra classes like intro to power, intro to MFA, MFA, Team Compulsory, Production, Dance Step Class, you MUST sign up for the fall group lesson in order to be in that number in the ice show.

Saturday Mornings 10/10-11/14
7:45-8:15am – Intro to MFA, Alpha, Beta
8:15-8:45am- Intro to Power, Pre-Alpha, Adult, FS5-7 Dance Step Class
9:00-9:30am – Gamma, Delta, FS1, FS2, FS3, FS4, FS5
9:30-10:00am – Team Compulsory
10:00-10:45am – Production

Sunday Evening MFA 10/11-11/15
7:15-8:00pm (FS5 up skaters for MFA class)

Club Membership Required

Alpha-Freestyle 7

ISI Membership is required for all levels

Intro to Power is available for levels Beta-FS2 focusing on gaining power and speed.

Intro to MFA is available for levels FS1-FS4 focusing on edgework, movement, and basics of turns.

Production is available for all levels

Team Compulsory is available for FS1 up that had previously signed up on the survey.

Dance Step Classes focus on the important element of the dance step for testing. Skaters will understand the difference in turns and how to properly achieve a testable dance step.