Our next group lesson session will be Spring 2020! Registration will be available at the end of February here.


Group lessons are available 3 times a year. We offer a 6 week Spring Saturday morning session, 5 week Summer Thursday evening session, and 8 week Fall Saturday morning session.

Volunteer Requirement for Club Members:

All skaters (except for hockey skills skaters) must also purchase the ISI membership for $15 per year (and renew in August). Skaters Alpha and above must also be Club members. Club memberships are available through our website on the shop or membership page. ISI memberships MUST be purchased directly from the ISI website at

Class Schedule:

9/21 – 11/9

7:45-8:15am Intro to MFA, Alpha, Beta, Gamma
8:15-8:45am Intro to Power, Beginner 1, Beginner 2, Pre-Alpha, Adult
8:45-9:15am Delta, FS1, FS2, FS3, FS4
9:30-10:00am Team Compulsory
10:00-10:45am Production Team

Sundays 9/22-11/10
7:15-8:00pm MFA (For FS5 up skaters)

Sundays 9/22-10/27
2:45-3:30pm Off Ice Conditioning with Molly (Gamma and up)

Club Membership Required

Alpha-Freestyle 4

ISI Membership is required for all levels

Intro to Power is available for levels Beta-FS2 focusing on gaining power and speed.

Intro to MFA is available for levels FS1-FS4 focusing on edgework, movement, and basics of turns.

Production is available for all levels including adults.

Team Compulsory is available for FS1 up that had previously signed up on the bulletin board.