Membership Types

NUFSC (Club) Membership:

  • The Club Membership Year is September 1 – August 31.
  • Individual Club Dues are: $60 Annually
  • Family Club Dues are: $75 Annually
  • Group lesson only skaters do not need to pay for a club membership.

Associate Club Membership:
This is for skaters that represent and compete under a different club but wish to skate on our ice at our rate. It is $90 annually and has no volunteer requirements. Associate skaters may not participate in the NUFSC ice show. If you are a skater from a different club and do not want to be an associate member, you may skate on private ice with us at a rate of $3 more per hour than our club members/associate members without purchasing a membership.

Ice Skating Institute (ISI) Membership

ISI Dues:

  • The ISI membership year is September 1 – August 31.
  • Required for skaters participating in Learn to Skate classes/group lessons, Private Ice and any ISI competition. 
  • Under Board review for 2024-2025

ISI is a Learn-To-Skate program used all over the United States.  The program provides a curriculum with a logical progression of skill development.  This program is used as a base for NUFSC group lessons.  There are guidelines for each level.

ISI levels are: Tot (Beginner) 1, 2, 3, & 4, Pre-Alpha, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, FS 1, FS 2, FS 3, FS 4, FS 5, FS 6, FS 7, FS 8, FS 9, FS 10.

United States Figure Skating (USFS) Membership

USFS Dues:

  • USFS Membership Year: July 1 – June 30
  • Optional, not required unless competing or testing in USFS sanctioned events.
  • Individual, First Time Members: $40.00 Annually (2023)
  • Individual, Renewing Members: $75.00 Annually (2023)

USFS Membership is purchased through the NUFSC Portal (Online Store).
Request to Test form is found HERE.

The United States Figure Skating Association (USFS) is the national governing body of amateur figure skating in the United States.

This is a more competitive track of skating and used by the Olympics. This membership is optional to NUFSC members. Some skaters within the club are only USFS members (skater cannot be taking group lessons with NUFSC), some are only ISI, and some are both. It is up to the skater, coach, and family what track they decide to go on.  USFS membership can be purchased from our website. Some coaches strictly teach only ISI or only USFS. Please consult with your private ice coach as to what organization they teach. Skaters may join USFS at any time during the year, however, coverage will go through June 30 and must be renewed on July 1st. Members receive a subscription to Skating Magazine.

USFS testing is not part of the NUFSC group lessons. Testing is usually in the Metro area, Mankato, Rochester, or recorded for virtual testing. The first two test levels are judged by one judge, the rest are judged by three judges for each skater.  At least two judges have to pass the skater at the average passing grade per test. The fee for USFS testing ranges but can be expected to be between $50.00 -$150.00 depending on the location and level of test.

USFS levels are: Pre-Preliminary, Preliminary, Pre-Bronze, Bronze, Pre-Silver, Silver, Pre-Gold and Gold. Skaters must test the preceding Skating Skills tests before testing the Singles tests. Example: A skater must test and pass the Pre-Preliminary Skating Skills test before being able to test the Pre-Preliminary Singles test. Once reaching the top level, the Gold level, skaters are awarded a US Figure Skating gold medal in that discipline.