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Skating can be a lot to understand whether you are the skater or the parent. Please use these resources to help you and your skater! If you are a new skating parent, we will gladly set you up with an experienced skating parent to answer questions from their point of view to help you along the way. Welcome to our skating family at NUFSC! Please contact with any questions and we will also help you connect with other parents.

Skater Guidelines
and Expectations

Please see below for skater guidelines and expectations for private ice, group lessons, and off the ice.

Handbook 2020-2021


Private Ice Rules

Skater Practice Checklists

Have a skater that doesn’t know what to practice during private ice when they are not with their coach? Choose their level and print out a checklist of test moves to practice. Ask your coach to add additional items to practice at the bottom.

ISI also has videos to show the required elements for levels Pre-Alpha and up at: