About RinkMusic System

The RinkMusic system is used to play skater’s program music during Private Ice. Each skater and coach uploads their music to the RinkMusic cloud. The music is then downloaded to the inhouse RinkMusic computer to be played back when the skater or coach presents their tag at the rinkside console. 

RinkMusic Console Operation, Click the Image to Watch the Video!

Skater Selecting a Song

  1. To select a song for the playback, the skater holds their keytag in front of the console (presents their keytag to the console).

  2. The skater’s programs will be displayed on the console screen.  If the skater has only one song, it will play immediately or be queued immediately.

  3. The skater uses the Up or Down key to scroll to the program they wish to select.  For a skater with many programs, the Left and Right keys perform the Page Down and Page Up function to quickly navigate to the desired program.

  4. Once the desired program is highlighted, the skater presents their keytag a second time to the console.  The song is now queued for play.  There is an 8 second delay from the time the skater’s name is announced to when the music begins to allow the skater to get into position.

Coach Keytag Operation

A coach can bump their students ahead in the queue or play their own music.

    1. A coach holds their keytag in front of the console (presents the keytag)

    2. A menu will display 1) Bump Skater, 2) Play Song

    3. Present a skater’s keytag now for the skater to select their song and be bumped ahead in the queue.

    4. Or, a coach can select “Play Song”, present their keytag again, then select the song to play.

Removing a Song from the Queue

To remove a song from the queue before it is played, a skater needs to:

  1. Hold their keytag in front of the console (present the keytag)

  2. When their queue position is displayed, press the Up key

  3. The console will display “To Cancel Song Present Tag”

  4. Present the keytag a second time to delete the song from the queue.

  5. LCD will display “Song Cancelled”

Terminating a Song

A skater can terminate their song early by presenting their keytag while their song is playing.

Set Up Instructions

  1. Purchase your keytag from NUFSC, in the Shop on the Parent Portal.
  2. Skaters Create your RinkMusic account at RinkMusic under ‘Members’.
    Coaches also create their account at the same location.
  3. Upload your digital music file (mp3, mp4, m4a, or wav.


Skater Keytags: $10 to NUFSC

RinkMusic Annual Fee
options (2023):

$10/year up to 5 songs
$20/year up to 10 songs
$30/year up to 20 songs
$36/year up to 32 songs

Songs can be deleted and added throughout the year without changing payment level or you can bump up a level and pay the difference mid-year.

Adjusting Song Volume Level

A skater/coach can adjust the song volume by touching the Up or Down keys while the song is playing. The final volume setting for that song is saved. The next time that song is played, the volume level will be the same saved value.

Checking Queue Position

If there are skaters in the queue, the rinkside console will display the next 3 skaters unless a skater is using the console to select their music. If a skater’s position in the queue is greater than 3rd, they can check their position by presenting their keytag to the console. Their position will be displayed with the two skaters before them. 

Lost Tags

  1. New tags can be purchased for $10
  2. To associate the new keytag with their existing account, the skater should go online to their RinkMusic profile.
  3. Click Edit and change their keytag number to the new number.

Troubleshooting Registering Multiple Skaters

If you have more than one skater in your family, you will have trouble using the same email address and sometime processing the credit card twice within a few minutes.  Here are some suggestions:

  1. Scroll to the top of the Coach list and select “None”. This will allow you to process the transaction. You can go back and enter the coach after you’ve finished the registration.
  2. In most cases the problem of transaction rejection is caused by trying to process two transactions too close together. Try waiting about 10 minutes.
  3. When you don’t have more then one Email address, simply add the number 2 to the address. ie. myname2@gmail.com