VOLUNTEER REQUIREMENTS for Fall 2024 have changed.

  • Families with skaters that are taking only group lessons are not required to volunteer.
  • Families, purchasing a private ice contract, are required to volunteer at the Fall Festival Competition in New Ulm (November).

    • The number of required hours is currently under review.

    Fall Festival volunteer sign up is emailed out to those families that are required to volunteer after the competition schedule is drafted, about early November.

  • Families participating in the Ice Show have volunteer requirements associated with the Ice Show. The volunteer sign up for Ice Show comes out at registration time, late October/early November.
    • 2024 – All families with skaters in the Ice Show will volunteer 15 points, 5 should be during the ice show
  • Private Ice families are required to ice monitor one private ice hour per skater. (example, a family with 2 skaters on 6 ice contracts would be required to ice monitor 2 hours (1 hour per skater or 4 contracts), it doesn’t matter how many contracts they are signed up for.)
    Families have until the end of the private ice session to complete their required hour or they will be charge $35/missed hour ($17.50/half hour). Because Spring is short, ice monitoring can be completed in Summer instead of Spring but if a skater is signed up for both Spring and Summer sessions, the family needs to complete the required hours for both sessions within the Spring/Summer sessions.
    $4/half hour credit is given for additional volunteer hours completed within a session, $24 maximum per family.

These two events, Fall Festival and the Ice Show, are our biggest fundraisers for the club and take a group effort to make them successful. We always have fun while volunteering and are thankful for our families and their time to help make each event successful.